hi, sorry for the relative radio silence.

yesterday, june 21st, was the 3 year anniversary of the discovery ep.

which means i’ve been sitting on a full length album for damn near 3 years.

feeling like you’re creatively stuck on something you’ve spent so much time and energy on is a very unique and rare feeling.

i don’t know when it’ll be out. i don’t know when it’ll be done, even. i don’t know how many people even still care about this project at all or what the point of me writing any of this is to begin with.

the album is so different from any of the previous projects that it almost feels criminal to write about it in a tie-in with the anniversary of the ep.

3 years is a long time and this project has undergone many changes and transformations just as i have as a person.

i guess i’m hoping to (maybe) finish the album this year. what i do know for certain is that it’ll see the light of day in 2024 even if we’re talking december 31st. i just don’t think i can hold onto it any longer than that so we’ll see.

ok thanks for reading my ramble and thanks for 3 years of discovery and your love for those few and far between who still care about servicer.

- ian